Relationship Defined



noun: relationship;   plural noun: relationships

1. the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.


The Relationship Rising Star is a focused energy of the Rising Star healing modality that was channeled through Derek O’Neill in 2000. I am currently the only practitioner in the world that can conduct these healing sessions as initiated in 2005. They are simple sessions that adjust or correct any control or limitations placed upon you by external factors, or your inner voice that may be leading you astray. Three sessions are recommended to address the root of the issue and most of my clients have felt extraordinary during and after their sessions. I invite you delve deep into yourself to remove what may be holding you back!


Read what some of my past customers have to say about their Relationship Rising Star sessions:

Jonathan is very intuitive healer and receiving Relationship Rising Star healing from him helped me so much in different areas of my life. It is very powerful and life changing. Among many benefits and healing I received, below is one of them.
He always sends me feedback after the remote session and one of the messages he’s got for me was “to find my happiness and passion again for what I do, whatever that is”. One of the challenges was to find the passion and happiness. There was nothing to look for in this world. I was miserable enlightenment seeker so to speak. Then after some time I began noticing that I started feeling elation and energy, and passion for life began arising within me. I wanted to live, I wanted to be happy. I highly, highly recommend RRS healing. – J.P. New York. USA.

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