The Relationship Rising Star is a focused energy of the Rising Star healing modality that was channeled through Derek O’Neill in 2000.  In 2005, Mr. O’Neill initiated Jonathan Keenan and Jennifer Carman as the only two practitioners in the world that can conduct these healing sessions. They are simple sessions that adjust or correct any control or limitations placed upon you by external factors that may be leading you astray and all the different relationships you have in life whether food, plants, animals, siblings, God, money, parents, children, partners, even your inner voice. Three sessions are recommended to address the root of the issue and most of our clients have felt extraordinary during and after their sessions, while during the twenty-one days that the healing energy flows through you could be quite intense. Yet if one does not leave their comfort zone, how do they intend to grow, correct? We invite you delve deep into yourself to remove what may be holding you back!

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