Relationship Defined


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I am not sure how much you have been informed but I can help explain it for you.  Also called the Rising Star Heart, this healing helps you to be who you are meant to be when met with external stimuli (or internal if it is yourself). The modality assists you to not be affected by control or limitations placed upon you by external factors such as money, plants, animals, food, men, women, siblings, parents, peers, children, society, or anything.  While one’s old programs in place recognize this factor and potentially adjust your behavior based on your reaction, etc – these sessions help you to respond as who you are, being comfortable with your being and what you stand for and your Truth.  Since everything around us is relationships with something, this modality is effective for reminding you of who you are as God intended.  How can it get any better than this?

Similar to the Rising Star three sessions are recommended for the root of any issues present to be addressed.  As far as processing, the first week of the first session may be very intense – at least that is the feedback I have received from my clients and what I have felt in myself.  Be aware that your emotions may be up and down frequently and/or sporadically during each session. I do not recommend making any large decisions during this first week either, such as jobs, moving houses, or romantic relationship transitions. You may notice that you respond or react differently to events or are no longer bothered by things that triggered you in the past.

First blog post

I hope to help people live their full potential through this website and my associated healing sessions to remove what holds them back. This site should give you the insights you need to understand what the Relationship Rising Star is, how to book an appointment and how it can help you thrive in life! Contact me for more details and do myself and yourself a favor and inform your friends of this amazing healing modality.