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Big hugs and thank you

Thank you so much for the third RRS. I really felt it on Sunday.  This week has been very full of interactions with people and I really see the value of minding my own business. It does not disconnect me from other, it connects me in ways that are more appropriate and – I have to say – more sustainable because the drama factor … Read More Big hugs and thank you

It works!

The Relationship Rising Star remains the single most profound energy healing I’ve ever experienced for laser beam deeply-rooted sludge removal.   And I’ve done a lot over the span of a decade.   I’ve had the luck to have them in person and thankfully also done remotely, and at the completion always felt free of the past, lighter, more confidant, and much much more shiny. 🙂 … Read More It works!

They keep delivering

I can’t count how many sessions I have received but I can say that with each session I learn a new and profound truth about my self. Sometimes I think I am doing a session to help in a relationship with another, and it does help clarify things, but every time I receive a session I get to experience a deeper sense of who … Read More They keep delivering

Aligning Truth

Over the years, I have received Relationship Rising Star sessions (in sets of 3), and each time I’m amazed how it realigns my life with my truth and purpose. I watch it happen, and then it feels like it was always like that, because it’s natural for me. I forget how my life was before. What a gift! – M.K. California, USA.

Always Exceptional

The RRS sessions are an opportunity I cherish and participate in regularly. Jonathan is a totally professional heart centered healing Practitioner, his communication and ability in facilitating This healing art is beyond compare. – Anonymous


My frequent tune-up

Excellent. I use these healings as a “tune-up” on a regular basis. It is a part of my healthy lifestyle and I love to receive them. Thank You. – T.M. New Jersey, USA.

It helps complete your business :)

Hi Everyone…After Deborah’s recommendation I scheduled the 3 part Relationship Rising Star (RRS) Healing with Jonathan Keenan from Creacon Wellness Retreat. It was not easy for me, but it was definitely worthwhile. It was amazing how the universe brought out every problem relationship so I could resolve and MOVE from toxic negative energies. After the 90 days I’m still working on unfinished business and … Read More It helps complete your business 🙂

I highly recommend the RRS

Jonathan is very intuitive healer and receiving Relationship Rising Star healing from him helped me so much in different areas of my life. It is very powerful and life changing. Among many benefits and healing I received, below is one of them.He always sends me feedback after the remote session and one of the messages he’s got for me was “to find my happiness … Read More I highly recommend the RRS

Energetic Roto-rooter

Relationship Rising Star is so incredibly powerful, it took me 10 years to complete a set of three. It is the roto-rooter of all energy healings. Lol. Seriously effective. 💗 – M. F. New York, USA.

What to expect

The Relationship Rising Star remains the single most profound energy healing I’ve ever experienced for laser beam deeply-rooted sludge removal. And I’ve done a lot over the span of a decade. I tell people: simply put, it’s a remarkably simple, surprisingly supersonic and an incomparable energy healing for people who are serious about healing or transforming their life. I recommend them all the time … Read More What to expect

These are the best!

Relationship Rising Stars are just the best! I’ve had sooo many and they’ve never failed to completely transform my life. The RRS works on your relationships to everything (self, God, others, health, etc.). Whenever I have a problem that’s sticking around and I do an RRS series and my life completely transforms. They’re just amazing. I’ll be doing another soon. ❤️❤️❤️ – D.H. Massachusetts, … Read More These are the best!

How does RRS differ from RS?

What I have found as a recipient of both Rising Star and Relationship Rising Star, is that the Relationship RS is like a laser to one particular aspect of the regular RS. If the Rising Star is a rainbow, the Relationship Rising Star is one color of that rainbow. Both are incredible and have helped me so much! – A.M. Ontario, Canada

Get ready for change…

When I signed up for Relationship Rising Star healing with Jonathan he said it will help with removing control and limitations placed upon me by things in my life. So far, I have took 7 RRS healings with Jonathan. In the beginning of the healing, I felt like being in the hell. All my anger came up and it felt like I was on … Read More Get ready for change…

Feeling more peaceful and settled

You know I smile cause I have to give a shout out to Jonathan for facilitating a life changing Relationship Rising Star which was the tangible turning point to all things relationship. I feel more alive within. I feel more at ease in social situations, easily able to open my mouth about who I am and what I offer. Out of the blue I … Read More Feeling more peaceful and settled

Great session!

Last night was very pleasant. I really enjoyed the energy. Historically, the second or third night is when the fecal matter hits the revolving blade. Great news about being bolstered and I eagerly accept being a super human. 🙂 And of course I love you as well, you are AWESOME! Thanks so much… GREAT FEEDBACK!!!!! – JR, New York

Amazing transformation

I had a Relationship Rising Star with Jonathan and have experienced a profound healing and transformation of all my relationships. It has given me  greater awareness of myself and my relationship with others. As a result my relationships have improved… It has helped me to nurture healthy relationships in my life and to be more aware of the toxic ones. Also instead of blaming … Read More Amazing transformation


Top of my “go to list”

Jonathan’s professional offering and loving service is always impeccable. I’ve been a RRS recipient for years; I trust the process and value this extraordinary opportunity beyond words. The Relationship Rising Star sessions and Jonathan have been and are a tremendous healing resource- always at the top of my “go to” list.  His commitment, integrity, knowledge and heightened awareness is a great benefit to all. Great … Read More Top of my “go to list”