You know I smile cause I have to give a shout out to Jonathan for facilitating a life changing Relationship Rising Star which was the tangible turning point to all things relationship. I feel more alive within. I feel more at ease in social situations, easily able to open my mouth about who I am and what I offer. Out of the blue I suddenly had a new beautiful resonating professional space. I was welcomed into a local woman’s group. I am part of a Website Bootcamp with amazing women. There are more lunch and coffee dates on my calendar. I am starting to book Prema Birthing sessions. I am attending a retreat in August where I will play with amazing women from around the country. Even my relationship with the Divine has changed, more soft, more open, less judgment, more spacious. Of course we all know that this journey that can look like an overnight success is actually a million steps. However it is fun to give credit to Jonathan for being the “closer” on this deal lol. – H.S. Arizona, USA